How to Purchase Our Product?

There are only three simple steps you may follow;

1) Email/SMS code to or 013- 394 0002 for availability confirmation. We will SMS you for notification on availability and amount to pay.

2) Pls bank the payment to our Maybank/CIMB account. (For security reason, I didnt publish our bank account here; we will give the account number for the serious customer only)

Pls notify us once payment has been made.

3) We will deliver your clothes accordingly. Pls allow 3 days for delivery process before the parcel reached you.

* We will SMS to you the referrance number and kindly let us know if you didn't received the parcel.

Postage Cost: For 1-2 items RM6.00
For 3-5 items RM10.00
For 6 and above; FOC! Weehoo!!

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Star of Battlehem

Code: SB01 (Blue), SB02 (Red), SB03 (Black)
SB04 (Purple), SB05 (Brown)

Size: Fit Best in S-L
Price: RM35.00
Add Info: You may fold sleeve up to elbow

Status: SB01 (Blue) Available
SB02 (Red) Sold
SB03 (Black) Available
SB04 (Purple) Sold
SB05 (Brown) Available

Iris Flower

Code: IF001 (Blue) IF002 (Brown), IF003 (Black)
IF004 (Red), IF005 (Purple)

Size: Fit Best in S-L
Price: RM35.00

Status: IF001 (Blue) Sold
IF002 (Brown) Available
IF003 (Black) Available
IF004 (Red) Available
IF005 (Purple) Sold

Violet Jessica (sold out)

Code: VJ001, VJ002

Size: Fit Best in M-XL
Price: RM49

Status: VJ001(Ribbon design) 3 Sold
VJ002 (Button design)  3 Sold

Morning Glory

Code: MG01 (Blue Black)

Size: Fit Best in XS-M
Price: RM39

Status: Sold!

Dandelion Dayana

Code: DD001, DD002

Size: Fit Best in XS-M
Price: RM55

Status: DD001  2 Available
DD002 Sold

Daisy Beauty

Code: DB001 (Blue Black), DB002 (White), DB003 (Purple)
DB004 (Brown), DB005 (Black)

Size: Fit Best in XS-L
Price: RM49

Status: DB001 (Blue Black) Sold
DB002 (White) Sold
DB003 (Purple) Sold
DB004 (Brown) Sold
DB005 (Black) Available

Camellia Blossom

Code: CB001 (Red), CB002 (Fuchsia Grey), CB003 (Grey)
CB004 (Fuchsia), CB005 (Green)

Size: FS (Fit Best in XS-L)
Price: RM48

Status:  3 Red Sold 1 Available
1 Fuchsia Grey Sold
1 Grey Sold
1 Fuchsia Sold!
1 Green Sold!

The Puzzle

Code: TP001 (Red), TP002 (Purple), TP003 (Black)
TP004 (Blue Black), TP005 (Brown)

Size: FS (Fit Best in S-L)
Price: RM35.00
Add info: You may fold the sleeve up to elbow

Status: TP001 (Red) Sold
TP002 (Purple) Sold
TP003 (Black) Available
TP004 (Blue Black) Available
TP005 (Brown) Sold!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dear My Beloved Customers

Hi Darls,

Happy Viewing!!
Now we come with a fresh and new collection for you to choose and grab!

With a happy mood, I would like to announce, with a purchase of RM100 in single receipt, you are entitled for a mystery gift from Stylishboutique!

Whoa!!Quickly, grab a few pieces and get the mystery gift from us!!

Happy Shopping Uolss!! ;)

Sunflower Stripes

Code: SS001 (Red), SS002 (Orange), SS003 (Green)
SS004 (Blue Black), SS005 (Black)

Size: FS (Fit Best in S-L)
Price: RM35.00
Add info: You can fold sleeve up to your elbow

Status: Red Available
Orange Sold Out
Green Sold out
Blue Black (Booked by Najwa)
Black Available

Roses Plain

Code: RP001 (Black), RP002 (Blue), RP003 (Pink), RP004 (Purple)

Size: Fit Best in XS-L
Price: RM45
Add info: Superb Quality

Status: RP001 (Black) Sold
RP002 (Blue) Sold
RP003 (Pink) Sold
RP004 (Purple) Sold

Carnation Lovers (Sold Out)

Code: CL001 (Peach), CL002 (Black), CL003 (Brown),
CL004 (Red), CL005 (Green)

Size: Free Size (Fit S-L)
Price: RM35.00
Additional Info: You may fold the sleeve up to your elbow

Status: CL001 (Peach) Sold
CL002 (Black) Sold
CL003 (Brown) Sold
CL004 (Red) Sold
CL005 (Green) Sold