How to Purchase Our Product?

There are only three simple steps you may follow;

1) Email/SMS code to or 013- 394 0002 for availability confirmation. We will SMS you for notification on availability and amount to pay.

2) Pls bank the payment to our Maybank/CIMB account. (For security reason, I didnt publish our bank account here; we will give the account number for the serious customer only)

Pls notify us once payment has been made.

3) We will deliver your clothes accordingly. Pls allow 3 days for delivery process before the parcel reached you.

* We will SMS to you the referrance number and kindly let us know if you didn't received the parcel.

Postage Cost: For 1-2 items RM6.00
For 3-5 items RM10.00
For 6 and above; FOC! Weehoo!!

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Flowery Pattern Blouse

Code: FPB
Color: White
Size: Fit Best in L, XL
Price: RM45
Status: Sold!

Stripe Patterns Dress

Code: SPD_color
Color: Pink, Blue, Yellow
Size: Free Size (Best fit in XS and S)
Price: RM33
Status: Pink Sold
Blue Booked by Faridah Wahida
Yellow Sold

Puffy Long Sleeve Top

Code: PLS Black
Size: Free Size (Fit XS-L)
Available Color: Black
Price: RM28
Status: 6 Sold (SOLD OUT)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Plain Lace Blouse

Code: PLB001
Color: Black, White, Purple, Pink
Size: Fit Best in S-XL
Price: RM45.00
Status: 1 Black Sold
1 White Available
1 Purple Available
1 Pink Available

Bat Sleeve Blouse

Code: BSB 001
Color: Grey, White, Black
Price: RM42.00
Status: 1 Grey Sold
1 White Available
1 Black Sold

English Design Blouse

Code: EDB001
Color (Background Color) : Cream, Black, Light Pink, White, White (small flower)
Size: Fit Best in M-XL
Price: RM35.00
Status: 1 Cream Sold
1 Blue Black Available
1 Black Sold!
1 Light Pink Sold
1 White Sold
1 White (small flower) Sold 

Zalia's Blouse

Code: ZB001
Color: Brown, Beige, Grey, Pink, Black
Size: Best fit M-XL
Price: RM25.00
Status: 2 Brown Available
Beige 1 Sold 1 Available
2 Grey Available
Pink 1 Available 1 Sold
 Black 1 Available 1 Sold

Polka Dot Shirt

Code: PDS001
Size: Can fit M-L
Color: Black, Beige, Pink
Price: RM25.00
Status: Black 1 Available
Biege 1 Available
Green 1 Available
Pink 2 Sold

Checkers Design Blouse

Code: CDB001
Color: Purple, Blue, Brown
Size: Can fit M-XL
Price: RM30.00
Status: 2 Purple Available
1 Blue Sold
1 Brown Available